Buenos Aires seems safer and nicer than Los Angeles, what happened to the United States?


Sep 20, 2018
Homeless encampments everywhere, crazy homeless people naked or half-naked hopped up on drugs running around with sticks and poles threatening you, lots of snatch and grab robberies, or home invasions where they follow you home.... Terrible traffic. Trash everywhere.

Palermo feels downright safe aside, even the guy who tried to rob my cellphone in Starbucks seemed more peaceful than the sort of thug that follows you home to pull off an armed home invasion.

What happened to our beloved country?
Right, it's all 'The Prior Administrations Fault',
Reagan started the right to work act. He closed all the government funded mental hospitals. He did his best to remove all public assistance to the poor. He instituted the trickle down philosophy of the Republican party. He did his best to de fund public education. His war on drugs filled the prisons with minorities. I don't blame the orange abomination, it all started with Reagan.
California is the fifth biggest economy in the world. Democrats there are currently running a 75 billion dollar surplus versus the previous republican deficit. Having lived in LA for ten years of my life, owning property and a business there at one time, I blame entitled boomers of my generation. They enjoyed enormous capital gains, voted in low taxes, and refuse to reform much of anything. My generation’s kids are screwed, the homeless are scewed, and the retirees are the richest of any such cohort anywhere at any time.