Buenos Aires shocking accident rate


Jun 20, 2006
This is my biggest peeve about living in Buenos Aires is the chronic disregard drivers have for the safety of others. Argentina has I beleive one of the highest road tolls per capita on the planet and every day 21 people die from road accidents most of them in the Province of Buenos Aires. These are comparable to figures in a war zone and I am all for the complete policement of the roads till the public behaves in a civilised manner.
Drink driving is murder full stop and all offenders who are caught should lose their licences for a 2 year period .
Wouldn't enforcing the traffic laws generate a huge revenue for the cities, villages and provinces?I mean a policeman here could sit on any corner and write ticket after ticket all day long. Think of the pesos that would generate for the local governments. I'm thinking yes but there has to be a catch somewhere, what am I missing?
"Mad_Maxx" said:
I mean a policeman here could sit on any corner and write ticket after ticket all day long. Think of the pesos that would generate for the local governments.
You assume policeman will not just put the money into his own pocket, right? :)
The way you get a message through is hurting people through the hip pocket and by loss of earning potential ie.loss of license.
I am for complete law enforcement on this one as making strict laws has been proven to work By the way mad max do you know anti smoking laws have been very effective in Buenos Aires Province and new laws will save lives full stop.
To respond to Igor's comment. Yes, somtimes police do pocket money. I have been a few times now of locals and tourists alike having to pay small bribes to be left alone. in all cases i am aware of, the citizens we in the wrong (ie. filming without a permit, and doing things on the street they were not supposed to be doing etc), but the police did offer to keep quite about it and turn a blind eye if he was given money. But on a note relating to the original post, does anyone have a source for number "21 killed per day by traffic accidents". I am really curious about this as well and have already been witness to a couple of accidents. thanks
As far as bribes...how does that work for "drug" busts? Are cops in BA lenient about Marijuana, as are European cops? Also, what are these bribes usually like, in USD?
I've been witness to a few bad accidents as well. Not a surprise when you consider that BA is rated as one of the most congested cities in the world for traffic. The quality of the cars, trucks and Buses adds to the problem.
Regarding bribes.... I was told by an Argentine friend to always keep a 50 peso note handy in the event of a problem with the police. Happy to say that this has never happened to me although they say it's a regular thing going on.
The Argentine attitude to Marijuana seems liberal although I doubt the police would take it lightly. Even if the locals are doing it openly (and they do), I'd be very careful about what you do and where you do it. Like prices, rules can be different if you're not a resident.
If you are an old Argentine hand you would have been in a few car accidents by now. I have been in many especially in a back of a taxi roaring through the streets of Buenos aires en la madrugada.
The last one I was in a motorcyclist hit us at a speed of 70 kms head on very close to Entre rios near Congreso . The most amazing thing was the motorcyclist without even a helmet got off with no injuries at all.
Years ago I remember seeing whole families on a back of a motor no helmets a little cherub in the mothers lap . That image is becoming rare these days en la Capital . In the provinces that problem is still common where alchohol no seatbelts or helmets is very common.
Always take care when in taxis and make sure that you tell your driver to slow down in a very firm voice