Bush's daughter robbed in Argentina

The reason this story with Barbara is an to do at all is not to show inefficiencies of Argentina but those of the US security guards with them -- that's why it's in all the headlines (not just here but in the UK, search Google news -- 465 articles in english papers alone). As far as confirmation goes pick up today's newspaper -- it happened at "a bar" located on Plaza Dorrego. (Hmm... I can make a 90% certain guess off the top of my head which one -- can't we all??) Yeah they don't say what bar, but I think that's better for the restaurant. It would put them out of business... which, by the way, is the reason the papers have lept on it here, because San Telmo businesses are worried about how it will reflect on them in the eyes of tourists. BTW, the bar that I suspect Babs had her purse stolen at is also where one of my friends almost saw her own walk out the door -- it's notorious for purse snatching. Hold your purse on your lap, under the table.

JG: if you pick up a copy of Caras, Hola or Gente you'll see photos of K's daughter (15 years old) -- especially as we come into summer season and she starts partying at Punta del Este y Mar del Plata. By the way, every time she goes away she is also escorted by a full team of security experts. They also do stories on "the President's trip to..." a la Hello! magazine.
Anyway I think it's a better that we don't see a lot about politician's personal lives. Their politicians, not celebrities. What they do outside of the office should be their own business (unless it involves breaking the law or an embarrassing gaff -- Canadian examples that come to mind -- a premier caught drunk driving in Hawaii, with many many times more the allowable blood alcohol content; and of course the lovely photos of a (now former) Prime Minister punching one of his citizens in the face). Sure those warrant some attention, if only to shame the politicians into apologies for their behaviour.