Buying a bandoneon?


Mar 17, 2009
Hi all,

I am looking to buy a bandoneon before returning to the US next week. Does anyone have any good suggestions for where I could look? I'd especially be interested in buying one in bad condition and trying to repair one myself. Anybody know of any good musical instrument shops? I was hoping I could find one in some of the San Telmo antiguedades shops, but no luck...

I don't know an old and battered one will be available seems this instrument it's a commodity nowadays they are really expensive, anyhow here is an address to start inquiring, good luck.
Gracias tangobob excellent article that explains al lot of why they are so expensive and hard to get.
Just checked on & for what it's worth saw at least 10 for sale on the first couple of pages. They seem to cost between $3,000-$6,000.
I tend to agree with Tangobob on this one in regards to protecting Argentina culture. The great musicians that tango created are becoming rarer now due to the lack of instruments and monies.

The Bandeneon is the most expressive symbol of Buenos Aires and as such is much more than a collectors item.
We as a society should nurture our arts as they are our best form of national identity.
There are many excellent tango orchestras in Europe such as the Dutch group Sexteto Canyengue...shouldn't these musicians be encouraged if it is their vocation to specialise in tango? The bandoneon was invented by a German and many of the original musicians were immigrants from Europe.
Last night a bandoneonist told me he wants to sell his Premier instrument for $4,000 USD. He helped form an orchestra 28 years ago, and he has come to the end of his playing days. I hope he will be able to sell it to a musician who wants to play it in Argentina.

Send me a private message and I will arrange for interested parties to try out the instrument.
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