Buying a new car


for one thing, available models and trims are just different in Argentina vs. the US.
What is an example of a car that is cheaper here than in the US? When I go on mercado libre all the car prices look a lot more expensive.

Rich One

I can vouch for the Volkswagen Gol hatchback, I owned one for 5 years without problems, just normal routine maintenance 150 k kilometers.
The VW gol used to have an Audi engine made in Brazil

Parts are available even in small towns around the country, any small mechanic shop can fix a problem..!


Just bought the VW Nivus a few months back. We love it and definitely recommend.
We also bought a VW (T-Cross; thats basically a VW Golf who would like to be an SUV, but didn't make it .... somewhere in between) last year around June. We paid a bit more than USD 10k. Then we recommended our dealer to a friend who did the same deal a couple of months back with a VW Virtus. We both bought at Dietrich in Palermo. They did the whole paperwork (including patents etc). So at the end we just had to pick up the keys. PM me if you want the contact of the agent.

Generally speaking 0kms were really cheap during last year (imported at the official rate). So converting the USD at the blue rate you made excellent deals. To what extent that is still possible, I don't know. Generally a good site for checking at deals is


What is an example of a car that is cheaper here than in the US?
my whole point was that cars that are normally sold are different in the US and Argentina.
And even if models are the same, trims are different (e.g. backup camera, automatic vs. manual gear etc.).

You don't normally find VW Gol (not Golf) in the US.
And people don't normally buy Ford Superduty in Argentina.


Just transfered close to 6k here via WU in one transfer to buy a car. No problems.
If you don't mind my asking, how much did WU charge for your transaction. I'm trying to find the cheapest way to send myself money, after the pandemic, for an extended stay there. Thanks