Buying used car - need suggestions


Hi Everyone,

We are helping my niece buy a car in BA. Looking for a good, reliable, used car - but hoping to get some advice on where to look. Obviously you don't have Carfax like we do in the US, so I'm trying to get some ideas on where or how to buy a used car and have some confidence that we aren't getting a lemon. Any suggestions?


As someone who is selling a used car, I can tell you what prospective buyers usually ask for.
First, photos.
Second, evidence of having been serviced.
Third, they want to take it to a mechanic to look over and pronounce it in good shape.
In my case it’s a bit easier, because both prior owners, myself, and most usually the buyer is from the same religious community, so there is an element of trust involved. Otherwise, I’d probably follow Rich’s advice.