Can anybody recommend a great bar in Palermo?


Oct 11, 2007
I want to head out for some drinks and would like to know which bars and clubs you recommend in Palermo, mainly around Hollywood.

A fun crowd, good prices, chill out music and 25-45 age group... where do you recommend I go?
try Congo on Honduras between Godoy Cruz and hte railway tracks. If you go through the bar to the back garden it is very chilled out and a nice atmosphere. If you want to meet Argies try Post. A completely different crowd on Thames between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Hollywood side try Unico. Have Fun.
Thanks deadlegs adn Ryoga, I'll give those places a try. I've been to el unico and it's great but will try Congo and the other.
Went to Antares last night. It's not really a bar though but they have great food and beer at very affordable prices. Make reservations early as it's very popular. Good place to start the night drinking in Palermo.