CARNIVAL! at Gualeguaychu


Oct 24, 2008
Carnival in Gualeguaychu is a very fun day trip. Don't plan on getting back until the next morning.
See pictures at
If you're interesting in tour details, contact me and I'll forward them to you. I'll have to contact the 'cruise director' who arranged our trip for us.
Hi there, great pictures, would love to have some details about your tour, hotel etc. We are planning to go at the end of february. Thank you so much
Hi, We didn't need a hotel because the bus took us back that night at 2:00. We got home to BsAs about 7:00 the next morning. I'll find out what travel company you can purchase tickets through.
I just received a warning of a rush of crimes commited during the Carnival there. It is advised to travel in groups, if posible. Also to take as many preventive measures as possible (do not flash jewrlry, etc)
I'm wondering how Carnival at Gualeguaychu went and how it compares to places in Brazil, if anyone knows...
Would people recommend going this weekend 27th or waiting until the 6th of March. Would there be more people in march?