Cartoons for the illiterate me

wo ! You are completely correct about watching with Spanish subtitles (vs English translations): the written word-to-spoken sound connect is a much bigger issue than I had expected. I started to watch Casi Feliz (great stuff), and quickly realized that I had to slow the playback sped to 75% to even begin making connections. Even after that I am not hearing at least half of the written words (they always say Porteños VERY speak fast);

Moving on to Club de Cuervos (I think it's Rioplatense (not Mexican) - correct ?) I'm recongizing slightly more word there (sometimes)....
it will help a lot, incorporating some basic grammar, reading the words and getting used to the accent and speed.
Since the audience renews itself will repeat myself.
Basic communications principles.
  1. Understanding written Spanish is good
  2. Understanding Spoken Spanish is better
  3. But Being Understood in Spanish Spoken is the final Goal
Forget Grammar, Verbs and Genders. Phonetics is the key in communicating, and it requires practice, practice and more practice.