Christmas Eve Pub Crawl?!?!


Nov 3, 2006
Attention all expats -- Pub Crawl through San Telmo starting at 1am and going through the night, Sunday night / Monday morning -- in a boozing BA-worthy celebration of the nativity, Argentine style. Meet at 1am in Bar Gilbraltar, corner of Peru and Estados Unidos. One drink, one bar, until people can't walk anymore. Best,
You're gonna spend Christmas eve bar hopping and you call that a celebration of the nativity. Shame on you - your making we expats look real bad.
"niko" said:
Pub Crawl through San Telmo ...
Great idea. Are you going to make a map with all the bars you want to visit in right sequence?
"CharlesJones" said:
You're gonna spend Christmas eve bar hopping and you call that a celebration of the nativity. Shame on you - your making we expats look real bad.
Why would that be? He is inviting others to celebrate together, what is wrong there? and you are.....?
Someone said it was a celebration of the birth of Christ. I'm not real religious but I was raised Baptist. to me spending christmas eve bar hopping getting drunk is no way to celebrate the nativity, like the writer said. this is suposed to be a christian country. show some respect.
It is a free country as well, I am a roman catholic and I will spend Xmas with my family, but it is also important to state that it is a day of joy and celebration, if you are far away from your family and friends, I don´t see anything bad about it really, I don´t see any lack of respect there either ( you don´t think that everybody here attends mass etc just because it is a catholic country right? )V
RSVP online if possible so we know how many extra xmas hats to bring. And of course we're making a map -- by god this is a pub crawl -- but we can confer at Gilbraltar and add whatever good bars we've forgotten,Niko
Hope its not too late, but my 2 roomates and I are brand new transplants from Austin, TX and would love to join you all on your pub-crawl. ryan
Our bad. Passed by Gibraltar at 12 and found out that we had piss poor information on it's being open -- as well as a number of other San Telmo bars. So we went to Puerto Madero (ugh) and Opera Bay. Overly expensive drinks, cover, mediocre music, etc. Part of me hopes that those who went to Gibraltar got the note we left on the door -- so they knew where we went. But the other part hopes that none followed. Hah. In any case, if people still want to pub crawl, maybe we should plan on something this weekend -- a Friday or Saturday would be a solid bet, and we could get going slightly earlier. I hear the famed Britannico bar is reopening this week.
Sorry about the confusion. Hope to meet you guys another time,
good god people.. lighten up. I dont have 'family' here and Im an athiest and i say GET DRUNK! .. or sit at home and dont get drunk but dont critisize people (ie "Shame on you - your making we expats look real bad.") who dont share the same beliefs or way of celebrating as you ( possibly just because of your own gulity issues with going to hell). (oh and.. p.s. If there ARE bars open, expats are not the only ones out getting drunk) Its not your place to judge what other people do for the holidays. If you dont like it.. DONT GO and DONT REPLY about you do anything but INSULT eachother.. this whole forum is an excuse for some of you to be jerks to eachother and nothing more.. talk about xmas spirit right? Its just a little pathetic really.