Coffee Chat on TUESDAY, May 9 at MAWII in Palermo


Jun 6, 2005
Neil and I invite you to join us at our indoor location in Palermo.
Fall schedule: 5:00pm - 7:00pm at MAWII, in the upstairs loft area.
Come and join English-speaking expats for lively and informative conversations.
Share your experiences with the group. Meet persons with interests in common.
Find answers to many of your questions from expats from different parts of the world
who reside year round/part time in Buenos Aires. NEWCOMERS are always welcome!

Please post your RSVP on this thread. Neil and I will inform the management
in advance as to the number of persons that will be in attendance.
The establishment requires a minimum consumption by each person.
Forms of payment: cash or debit card only.

The location is Lucio N. Mansilla 3799, corner of Jeronimo Salguero (facing Plaza Guemes).
Subte D....Bulnes station is closed. The 2-month remodeling project began on March 8.
The alternative station is Scalabrini Ortiz. There are also bus lines with stops nearby.
Sorry, I cannot make it.
Hopefully I will join you again when I am back to Argentina sometimes in early August. See you soon!
Six of us regulars were joined by three returnees.
Thank you all for your lively and informative participation!