Coming to BA!! Any tips


Sep 27, 2007

I'm James, 28 from California. I sold my business about a year ago and have been traveling around the world ever since. I have been living in Berlin for the last year. In November, my friend Peter and I will be coming to Buenos Aires for between 3 and 6 months. We want a real summer and a chance to brush up our Spanish.

Can anyone give me some advice on everything from finding an apartment, the cost of living, getting around, nightlife, anything. Basically, put yourself in my shoes but know what you know now. How would you spend your time and what would you do different.


Hello jwwceo,I am afraid not a lot happens in Buenos Aires during the summer period. Particularly in January, it is extremely warm and humid and consequently everything moves to the beach resorts, located about 400/500 kms away from the city of Buenos Aires. The nicest (IMHO) are Pinamar and Cariló (which are also just a few miles away from one another). A friend of mine owns several apartments in the Valeria del Mar area (which is conveniently located between Pinamar and Cariló, and is less expensive). There are also other more popular beach resorts like Mar del Plata, Mar de las Pampas, Mar de Ajó, Miramar and so on.
There are members of this forum who know much more about real estate than I ever will. Perhaps they can guide you in the right direction with regards to what to look for and how much you should expect rentals to cost.. I hope this helps. Cheers, enjoy your stay!Ernie