Copa Libertadores Tickets?


Apr 11, 2014
I'm hoping to get tickets to see the second leg of a Copa Libertadores quarterfinal tie (it's the only time I can see soccer/football in BA). They still have to play the round of 16 games but the game would either be held at Velez Sarsfield or Arsenal de Sarandi's stadium.

Should I expect the demand for tickets to be high? I was watching an admittedly meaningless group stage game at Arsenal's stadium last night and it looked 1/4 full. Do you have to be a club member to purchase tickets? Are these safe places to see a game? I know there have been a lot of fan violence issues in Argentine football in general recently, how much of that is true about these two teams?

If the game is at Arsenal, then it would be a busy match as it's a small stadium and away supporters will be allowed in Libertadores matches. Security isn't great in that area and I would avoid that match if you don't speak Spanish and are going alone, especially at night. It's also far out of town, and difficult to get to on public transport. You don't want to risk getting lost in that area either.

The game at Velez would be much more appealing, have a better atmosphere and be safe. It won't be a sell out but expect a big crowd. You don't have to be a member of either club, but members will likely have priority on tickets. It probably means you have to wait longer in a queue to buy a slightly more expensive tiket. Worth getting a platea local not a popular ticket if you are not used to fanatical terrace football and people smoking paco.

PM me if you need to know more.
If it was a final the Velez stadium wont get full either. Its huge and Velez dont have a lot of people. Its what we call "equipo de barrio". The stadium is good, well located, relatively safe and tickets a little expensive. Despite being at night, Copa Libertadores matches are safe.
Thanks for the responses; very, very helpful.

One other related question -- while that is the only day I can see a game in Buenos Aires, I'm also hoping to see the national team in La Plata on June 4th against Trinidad and Tobago. From what I can tell, the AFA usually doesn't start selling tickets until a month before the game. Even though it's a friendly, I assume the ticket demand for this game will be very high, do you have any idea of where to get tickets and how quickly it is likely to sell out? Are there any safety concerns with national team games I should know about?
National team games are safer than any match. Its for the family, you can take your kids, no barrabrava, etc. Plus, the La Plata Stadium is the best of the country. About tickets, these games have a lot of "entradas de favor" tickets given to companies, as a gift, like Mastercard or Coca Cola. The rest I guess you can get it by TICKETEK.
I dont think that the game against Trinidad & Tobago will be a sell out..............
I dont think that the game against Trinidad & Tobago will be a sell out..............

It could happen, since its the last match before the WC. Plus, Messi will be playing, thats always a plus, a reason. There are lots of argentines that didnt see him play.
Yeah, there's a game at the Monumental 3 days later on a Saturday so hopefully that will help some.
[sup]Don't think they'll be a safety issue or ticket problem at the Estadio [Unico] de La Plata. How do you intend to get there ?[/sup]
[sup]Are you guys going to the WC?[/sup]
I'll defer to the others on your first questions. I am not going to the World Cup-costs kind of just kept adding up (not already having a visa hurt). Sucks, really wanted to go.