Covid-19 in Latin America: compares to the worst in Europe or the US: New York Times


Well you seem to be more informed than most About the WHO recommendations and the testing performed to date...! No One can refute your firm data
Not sure what this was supposed to mean, but if you want links, the PCR shortage was reported here:, the number of PCR tests done in the last 24hrs is here: (10410), this was about the tests being done in the rich parts of Santiago: (it's a bit old now, but it shows how the thinking in Chile is).

I'm sure you can find the WHO recommendations by yourself, and the lessons from the countries I mentioned are to reduce mobility as much as possible, get the R-number down, so there's time to get medical supplies (Argentina has done this very well, Aerolineas just finished the 8 flights to China, and they're planning 7 more), and if you can keep it together long enough the outcome might be like Uruguay.