Crba And Us Passport For Long Does It Take?? Help

Set up DHL alerts to ensure someone is home to receive. I also add bookmarks to my Chrome bookmark bar directly to the tracking I could click it (sometimes the alerts don't come).

Both times I have received docs from the Embassy--they were shipped on a Friday and received the following biz day.
Good news, today we received the DHL packet with the birth certificate and passport. So to answer your initial question, 10 days. Ten days from interview at the embassy to having everything in hand. DHL rang our doorbell at around 11:50 this morning. I'm not sure about the SSN. I didn't see anything in the packet about SSN. Maybe it gets sent to address in USA.
Does the CRBA process go more smoothly with a lawyer? I spoke to one attorney recommended by a colleague. The attorney wants 5k US and I asked why so much. He says it's because the CRBA process is more complicated then even a K-1 fiqnxe visa.

Seems dubious. Any thoughts?


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As long as you know the requirements, no reason it should be complicated.
If both parents are US citizens, the requirements are close to nonexistent.
If only one is, some work might be necessary (on your part) but cannot imagine what would command such a price.


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Only one parent (me) is a US citizen. The other is Argentinian/Italian.
Then you need to prove 5 years of physical presence in the US, of which at least 2 years must have been after age 14.
School transcripts are usually the best means of proving this. Taxes, employment records, rental contracts also work.
That shouldn't be a problem but the form requires me to put in every entry and exit date from the US since I was born. How do people fill that out? Can I just estimate?


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If the documentation conclusively supports 5 years of physical presence, I don't think anyone is going to go at you for being a day off on some entry/exit. It would not be at all material.
Use your passports where possible, and guesstimate on the rest.
Hi guys,

I also just sent the two email packets today to set up an appointment for the CRBA, hopefully the embassy will respond promptly.