Creating a Community of Expats


Jun 6, 2005
(this message is from Rose, got misposted yesterday)
First, I'd like to welcome Ernie who has generously offered many things and as someone said has brought "some fresh air" unfortunately he missed our party on Friday hope you can come to Feburays which by the way I think we will have 2 events: A cocktail party in a very nice outdoor resturant and an Asado in a QUinta.
I propose after Friday's event let'sto go back to the sources: Mingeling, making friends and benefiting of the beauty of diversity even if you speak the same language
we have the forums. How about starting commitees of events and things to do?

It seems we all have a love and hate reltionship with argentina- speaking harshly. We have it with everything: we are humans for goodness sake!
I am starting to love my own birth country thanks to the comments I read from my fellow Americans.

We as Foreigners have so much to offer, we as Argentines have so much to recieve and vice-versa. I propose a toast for a New Year in every sense-wish I could have offered the party for Xmas and New years.Unfortunately, I will be out of town. But it would be interesting to have volunteers and get together and organize things for this country and for all those who have chosen to live here.
I have asked for suggestions and no reply. Hope this time new ideas come along.If not I still like you guys!!!
To say something negative about Argentina or the society here does not mean that you hate it and you should leave the country as stated by some members.
In my case I enjoy Buenos Aires and find it a very vibrant intoxicating city but on the other hand its behaviours at times upset me when I compare them to my home country. There are some negatives here and while some members what to censor that from others I beleive it is best to present a dual image of the society so you dont come here with very high expectations .
Overall I am positive in this country and its future and the next 5 years the golden age will continue for Argentina and huge changes will continue to manifest themselves here.
What really worries me is that some foreigners are getting wrong information about this country: I have read articles on some Us newspapers where they state that you can rent an apartment for 200usd, which is very difficult even for locals, and the truth is that if you want to live here you need to work independently, young people might get jobs at call centers, but the pay is not great, some expats are running succesfull businesses like restaurants and food stores, but it is not the majority.

Argentina has lots of problems economical, social, etc but every country has its own, ( high suicide rates, violence, terrorism, hunger, overpopulation, corruption, inequity, drugs, etc, etc, etc ) Every person is different, a country is both the territory and its people, so I expect each country to have pros and cons. My personal opinion is that people need to have a certain level of trouble, that is the motor that keeps you going, makes you want to improve and change things, and develop new strategies.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!Vero