Jan 16, 2006
I've recently started listening to some old Cumbia music and yeah I was wondering if anyone else here likes that stuff who are their favorite artists, songs and such and if anyone knows of any good Cumbia clubs in or close to Buenos Aires.
Hello Elpanada,
Granadaiscool just came up with some sarcasm which won't work for you unless you have some background information. You may have been listening to non-Argentinian artists of the genre. Cumbia in its "original" central-american form has nothing to do with the local trash cumbia or "cumbia villera" version. While the central american original (one may or may not like the genre) is full or colourful, talented musicians, our local "cumbia villera" movement is full of mobsters, drug traffickers, dealers and money launderers.
Our cumbia movement is a sort of King Midas in reverse type thing, which turns colourful, happy central american music to a lorry-load of complete s***te for the local market.
So, basically, my answer would be "no", there are no good cumbia clubs here.
I hope this helps.
Be careful, should you follow Elpanada's advice.
There is plenty of Cumbia music to be found in BA, it must be if so many immigrants are from Andes countries or immigrants from the north of Argentina.
But the people that love Cumbia are probally in the villa´s and you won´t find many Argentinians of the middle of higher classes who like this kind of music.
Either you go somewhere else or you must be prepared to go like places like Once or real villas
Hello Granadaiscool,
Cumbia is the traditional dance of Colombia, and a distinguishing characteristic of the Caribbean. It has nothing to do with Andes culture, nor with "immigrants" from the north of Argentina.
I hope this helps.
Since when is Colombian not a country in the Andes?
I see Cumbia as well as Merengue or salsa as music for villera´s
I don´t mix with that kind of people so I could be wrong. But there is still a lot of cumbia to be found in Villa´s
I gather you've never been to Colombia, or the Caribbean, otherwise you'd understand what I meant.
As for your tastes in music, I will not discuss them. I reckon Gloria Estefan is a "villera" to you then?
Such bigotry...
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