Currency speculation


With the exchange rate now 3 to 1 USD vs ARS
What would you invest in if you were speculating that the Peso would appreciate vs the Dollar maybe to a ratio of 2 to 1 or 1.5 to 1?
Exchanging USD at 3 to 1 now and depositing the Pesos in an Argentine bank account seems simple enough but not an option for everybody.
Interested in some thoughts and stratagies including bonds and real estate.


You're crazy if you deposit more than a minimal amount in an Argentine bank account. Don't you know what happened here a few years ago?


To get a more informed view

Peso to Euro

2-6-2002: 0,302
2-6-2003: 0.299
2-6-2004: 0,289
2-6-2005: 0,282
2-6-2006: 0,253
2-6-2007: 0,244

So basically in the last 5 years the peso has lost 23% of it´s value despite begin in boom period

1 to 4 is closer then 1 to 2,5