Curtains "para riel" --Where to find them cheap


Mar 19, 2009
I am looking for "cortinas para riel" for my apartment. They are the old system of curtains with the little hooks that loop into the fabric folds and are then hung on a metal track.

I went to Once and found places that will custom make them for me but its a bit expensive and not worth investing that much in them.

Does anyone know a housewares store or a shop with a lot of curtain selection that might sell these?

I need to find the same kind of curtains. My brother bought his on Santa Fe...there are many stores on that avenue.
Unless you find some used ones, I really doubt you will find these ready made.
Everybody's windows are different sizes, their ceilings are different heights, and their taste in fabric varies.
Especially in a relatively low wage country like Argentina, this kind of thing is Always Custom.
Even in the USA, though, this is a custom process- I know of no stores in the USA that sell premade curtains like this.

I suppose you could go look at JUMBO, but I think your best bet is just to have some made. Obviously it will be cheaper in Once than on Santa Fe.

Or, you could buy a used sewing machine on Mercado Libre, and sew your own.

For your entertainment, though, I offer a recent sculptural project of my wife, Sheila Klein, who has been making art using draperies as a medium.
This piece, in Portland Oregon, features exactly the style of drapery you are looking for- all custom made, of course, in NIKE surplus atheletic fabrics, and motorised so it moves on its own, constantly changing its tableau.
I searched long and hard for curtains, the only place I found with anything close was on Sante Fe and Julien Alverez.
I do not know if they have the type you want, but it is worth a look.
If you have the hooks, will not any curtain with a pencil pleat heading do?
If this is the case I am sure that they will have what you want.