Daylight Savings in Argentina


Jun 2, 2007
Just heard Christina is reinstituting this from December 30. Can someone confirm that we have to move the clock one hour ahead?
I wonder where she got that "original" idea? Any guess?
Here I was thinking she hates the USA and any USAQ ideas and practices. I guess, as long as she says one thing and does entirely another that would be just fine and dandy. Wow what a pioneering idea..daylight saving time.. who would have thought huh? she have anymore innovative ideas to follow? This is so impressive.
It's not like she's claiming it was an original idea. Argentina used to go on daylight savings time, up until 1999. Since then, when a previous president put an end to it, it's been voted on five times and been rejected by the Congreso. She just finally said the hell with putting it to a vote and went ahead and declared it.
She implimented it in the traditional one hour incriment as opposed to Chavez who implimented DLST in a half hour incriment. There is a message there.