Deal for pesos?

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nicoenarg said:
Look, calculate what you're going to be gaining and how much you're prepared to lose if you don't gain anything.

You have several options here.

You can take the word of the Chase Bank rep (I am not saying he's lying) and take that gamble. I call it a gamble because the peso is a highly UNtrusted currency right now for obvious reasons. Rules regarding it will change on a weekly basis, if not daily.

You can convert your pesos here to a more respected and less erratic currency (Brazilian Reals?). I am not suggesting a currency per se, but there are economies in South America that are doing far better than the Argentine economy in real terms. You can go with their currencies. Take that currency with you and get it converted in the US to Dollars. You stand to lose this way but you won't be at the mercy of people from this forum.

I don't know what the controls are regarding other currencies so you will have to look into that.

You will have to accept a loss this way but you won't have to wait till the last minute where if you did that you stand to lose everything you have in pesos.

Do some research (how long do you have to go anyway?) and if you need help, I can help you too (after the 16th, I am busy with exams till then). Just drop me a PM if you want.
The dollar gets all the attention because that's just the way things are here. However, the restrictions are about capital flight so I believe that you would find it the challenge of obtaining any foreign currency in exchange for ARS to be identical to that of the dollar.


trotskyite00 said:
Well that is for physical dollars... I didn't realize everyone brought sufficient supply of dollars for the entire time here. I was thinking of people who didn't have dollars with them in Argentina, instead of going to an ATM could get a better rate by transferring from American bank account for free especially as you can only get $1000 pesos at a time with a feee for each transaction.
Prior to Xoom, most savvy Americans here never even paid the fees associated with ATM transactions. Charles Schwab Bank, among others, refunds 100 percent of ATM fees. Thus, CSB customers got the market rate for USD/ARS.


below method is only a theory, i don't hold any responsibility for it:
1. 2 paypal account
2. 1 argentine credit card, 1 argentine debit card, 1 credit/debit card from your country.

Use your argentine credit card to make a purchase or pay from 1 paypal to another paypal account. In the paypal account which receives money, send the paypal amount to your country's credit/debit account
pay your argentine credit card with your argentine debit card.
you get official exchange rate.
*** if you're going to try it, try it with small amount****


I also have to add I have had two Xoom transfers stuck waiting for documents for a few days now. I'm on vacation, I brought lots of franklins as a backup to the quillombo banking system here.

If you would like to sell some pesos to a few of us tourists who have franklins send me a pm.

FWIW I also sold some euros today for 6.17. In Palermo.


I was the OP of the thread regarding my KILOMBO with chase not wanting to take my pesos last month. I would definitely speak to someone high up to confirm that rate as what the telephone banker told me and what the banking official told me when push came to shove and I had a nice wad of pesos ready to echnge for pesos, was totally different.

Travelex, the major currency converting business at the airports in the US, was not even dealing with Pesos at all when I went.


I would like to buy either 500 in dollars or in Euro and will pay 5.8 or 6.18 for euro. If any one interest to sell please PM me.


We move to the states 2 months ago, and we change 500 pesos in Dulles Airport since we couldnt in Bank of America ( they told us that the value of the peso is not trustful so they didnt take it ) at 5.53 plus taxes. I think you might need to lose some profit off your pesos before to lose it all.
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