Defamous remarks by Frank Almeida


Jul 15, 2009
I have spoken to all the moderators of this Board that Frank Almeida has been defaming us via his forum Ba Newcomers. This for all of us is completely unacceptable and a lie that should be possibly dealt with legally.

Let me say very clearly that we do not make money on our dinners and only charge 5 pesos more per person to cover incidental costs . These one monthly outings are charged at the price given to us by the restaurant and I can prove this as I have all the records of each meal that we have organised this year.

To say that we are scamming expats is the most defamous remark that any member has said publicly about us. This gentleman has no shame to do this and has absolutely no respect that our Administrator Igor has been extremely ill in the last month and cannot reply to these unfortunate comments.

This year we have arranged 3 meals only and have made absolutely no profit . These dinners were started to showcase some of the better restaurants in Buenos Aires and to provide a social outlet for our members. Every meal we arrange is done with our best intentions and 80 percent of the time have been very successful. The dinners were started by Igor in 2006 for the sole purpose of getting expats together . Igor has always been the most gracious host and has on many occasions payed out of his own pocket for bottles of wine . We have had over 30 dinners and many friendships and great times have been had.

The irony is Mr Almeida friends who are well known in the community have weekly functions who charge high prices for drinks and food etc etc. Hypocrisy seems to be very common with these people.
How come he does not mention this in his defamous comments?

Baexpats is the fairest site in South America with freedom of expression on all topics. Saying that we will moderate comments that we consider inappropriate or out of topic .This is stated clearly in our terms and conditions.

Please read below the defamous remark printed by Frank Almeida today on BA newcomers.

> Hello everyone,
> I just wanted to post a warning about another expat public forum site called
> BAexpats. I for one appreciate the difficulty in moderating public forums
> since I used to be an active moderator on BANewcomers myself. However, the
> way this site has handled a recent situation has given me pause regarding
> their practices.
> Recently someone wrote a review of my products on their site. They had a
> problem and I responded to her. Some other people jumped on the thread to
> write about their own "problems" or critical views. I am a somewhat public
> figure so criticism comes with the territory and I am used to it. What I
> thought was grossly unfair is that they would not allow me to respond to
> some of these accusations. I only posted once to introduce myself a long
> time ago (that post was deleted); I posted a reply once to someone from
> Chicago, then the rest of my posts were me trying to protect myself, and for
> that I was told to stop.
> This site has a history of posts magically and conveniently disappearing. On
> these last two threads I had one post deleted after it was posted and one
> other that was not allowed through. These people also have a history
> of scamming
> expats
> I have a feeling that many people use both BANewcomers and BAExpats. Just
> keep in mind what my own experience has been, as detailed here, if you still
> plan on using them. One other thing to keep in mind is that I apparently am
> no the only one that this has happened to.
> Saludos,
> Frank E. Almeida
> Sugar & Spice
> Guatemala 5415 (esq. Juan B. Justo en Palermo Hollywood)
> 4777-5423

-- igor 11/29/2009

I would like to add a link to the thread Frank got so upset about. As you can see he posted at least 5 replies there and it ends on a positive note after all.
Anyone who associates with that sociopath in charge of Democrats Abroad is a human being of dubious character and judgement in my book.
Mr. Almeida, it is a serious violation of the law in Argentina to make unsubstantiated charges of fraud. I urge you to withdraw your accusation of fraud and to issue a public apology. If I were the owner of this website or a moderator I would take legal action against you.
It seems the oligarca has reopened his ridiculous BA Expats Watch blog as a service to the public. I've been wanting to read this for a while, I encourage others to do so to see the calibre of people we are dealing with here.
pericles-E said:
. . . . To say that we are scamming expats is the most defamous remark that any member has said publicly about us. . . .
'Too bad! And after I'd such a good impression of the man (not knowing anything of involvement with Dems Abroad) upon reading his tempered replies to critiques of his cookies and brownies.

The word, by the way, is "defamatory". And, yes, it does seem to apply here -- regrettably.
Jesus, guys! Life is way too short for this sort of child's play. What is it in the human genome that makes us want to go to war over the most trivial nonsense? This is embarrassing ... for everybody. I thought the only 15 year olds in Buenos Aires were the drivers, now I see they are Internet denizens, as well.
Wow, what the hell is going on here? Thought this site was to help we Buenos Aires long term-ers, not gang up on local businesses. I haven't been on this site very long, but this seems ridiculous to me. If I were Frank, I would want to defend myself publicly and yes, I would be frustrated if my comments were not being seen. As for this "Defamous" accustion...I would be pointing the finger at this Yanqui Mike clown. Unless Frank is Yanqui Mike....all in all why is this happening. Let's get back to sharing information and helpiung each other! Stop being jerks.
I believe defamous is a word, just less commom than defamatory. It is a logical extension of the verb "to defame".

Whether it is defamous or defame, the end result is libelous . In Argentina you CAN NOT accuse someone of defrauding or "scamming" someone, and that includes making such statements on the internet. My understanding is that the law is stricter here regarding this than it is in the US or Europe.

I don't know about deleted posts. I saw some posts on this website by Mr. Almeida defending his products but I can't say if any others were moderated. If so, there might have been a reason, maybe inappropriate language or false accusations? I have no idea but I definitely don't go along with making libelous comments. I am surprised that anyone doing business here would want to take that risk.
Seriously this is getting silly.

Someone here needs to be a grown up and say enough is enough.

Why all the squabbling all the time? Too much time and nothing better to occupy minds? The need to be noticed, to look important?

Someone needs to be the bigger person here and simply stop it before it gets out of control. What must newcomers think (oh yes like me) to all this infighting, it really does put people off not only the forum but Americans!

Stand back and take a look at what this forum is turning into!