Dentist To Remove Mercury Fillings


Oct 18, 2011
Hi there,

I'd like to have my mercury fillings removed and have been told that you really need to go to a dentist that specializes in this. I was told that that kind of dentist is called a "Biological" dentist. Does anyone has a good referal for this kind of dentist?

Thanks a lot.

That's wrong. you do not have to. It's not like you have liquid mercury in your mouth. Actually if it was done in US or Europe, it's quite safe. Something else will
kill you before the mercury filling can do anything to you.
In recent years, dentists ask people to change to get more business. I guess it's OK to have it replaced, but any dentist can do it, it's a very small job, unless you
have mouth of mercury river there. I had mine done in US, and had extensive discussion. The new porcelain like material is not as strong and it's expensive.
Also, removing mercury filling sets way more mercury free compared to letting the old filling in. Personally, I'd choose different kinds of fillings for new ones, but don't exchange the old ones for this reason.
I had one large mercury filling removed several years ago in Buenos Aires by a dentist who was a professor at the dental school. It was my intention to have all the mercury fillings removed. I have sensitive teeth to begin with. I wasn't able to drink cold water at one point because the refilled tooth was so sensitive. Another dentist referred me to a specialist for root canal. She took an x-ray and removed a nerve. I was sorry that I had the mercury filling removed and don't plan to do anything more than necessary to my teeth from now on. My dentist checks the old fillings every six months, and they're still holding up fine.
"the refilled tooth was so sensitive" is because the filling is too close to nerve. After you do root canal, the tooth is weaker and the gum is not longer to be pink around the area. Basically the tooth is dead. So you do not have to do anything if things are fine. There are mercury in tuna and other ocean fish, people eat them daily.
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