Depo Provero injection - is it available in BA?

I looked around the web and found this from a couple of years ago....but it might be a start. I have a Dr. friend that I have contacted and will post when I hear back from her.

Marisa Geller, M.D. Boulevard del Mirador 290 Paseo de la Bahía Studios II 3º12. Nordelta. Buenos Aires. Argentina. Phone: 54-11-4871-8518 Bragado 4744. Depto. 2. Buenos Aires. Argentina Phone: 54-11-4682-1442 Website: Dr. Marisa Geller is an Obgyn, Fellowship on Fertility and Sterility, Medical Director of Procrearte Filial Nordelta Fertility Clinic.
Dra. Alicia M. Lapidus Head Obstetrics Division Hospital Juan A. Fernández Buenos Aires Argentina Prof. Dr. Ricardo Garcia Monaco Mrs. Patricia Pontieri to 4-959-0470.
Dear EvergreenGal,

Thank you so, so, much for your quick reply. Seriously, I have am having a nightmare finding any answers to this question .....BA is my first major posting overseas from UK, am I cannot get any any confirmation either way in the UK on this subject. Your help is REALLLY appreciated.
Have you called the Pfizer? They should be able to tell you if their product is available in AR and what the name down here is. You may want to ask using the generic name as it could have a different name down here.
I asked my gynecologist about this last year, and he said no. He said that none of the newer hormonal BC options were available in argentina yet (such as the patch or the ring or injections, etc). It's possible that things have changed in the past year and it IS now available, but based on what he told me, I think it's possible that if you can't find it, that means it's still not available. Have you asked your gynecologist? That seems like probably the most authoritative source!