Difficulties in meeting women in BA


Jul 31, 2006
Has anybody here had any experience with a local dating agency they can recommend?
I`m sick and tired of finding mostly American-based web-sites, that say they´re FREE but never let you do a thing without paying up front. I have no confidence at all in sites showing this kind of unscrupulous behaviour.
I can`t pay anyway for any web-based service since I have no C-Card.
However I would be more than willing to pay a fair price for a direct, reputable service, where I could sign-up in person. Payment serves as an initial screening of participants, so I`m all for it, if I get my money`s worth. Maybe someone has found an agency dedicated to internationally minded people such as ourselves. I wouldn´t want to waste time with a service open to all locals without any filtering process.
Having to take this route is not of my liking, but I find it extremely difficult to establish any sort of mature "connection" with local women, and the venues where you need to meet them are absolutely horrendous, jam-packed, full of putrid, stale air, loud music you can`t talk over, late hours, etc. It´s a TORTURE to any sensitive, intelligent, and cultured person.
I can`t understand the logic of trying to have a good time, under such annoying and unhealthy conditions.
When I`m trying to impress a girl, I need to feel comfortable so I can be myself, and not feel so out-of-place. Am I alone and therefore "wrong" in my views?
You married couples don`t know how lucky you are!!
If I were a marriage counsellor here, I would just remind the duelling partners of the inhumane pains required to date today: THAT would get them all to live "happily-ever-after" again!!!
Oh BTW, anyone know a dancing club with decent hours and NO LATIN music, maybe even for non-smokers??? Wouldn´t mind paying more for the exclusivity. (I feel I´ll be labeled as a nut for just asking this)
Thnx, GauchoGringo
gGringoBaman: Somebody had actually talked to me once about starting a "Singles in BA" meetup group, I should put you both in touch :)
That sounds great. I´ve been told there are singles bars here, but the same harsh conditions apply unless they´re for non-smokers, and reasonable music, hours, decor. I did not expect, yet highly appreciate the personal notes helping me with good info. In case you want to contact me by mail it´s [email protected] Can you pass it along to your friend, bgirl? Thank you GG