Digital Media Volunteer Project

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Apr 26, 2009
We are a husband and wife team seeking to volunteer our professional skills as a documentary filmmaker and an architect who wish to create a short film, commercial or digital media for an Argentinean organization. We are looking for a non-profit or non governmental organization in Argentina that would benefit from a small video documentary production. We are exploring the possibility of visiting Argentina during the July-August time frame. We are especially interested in non-profit organizations and groups that would benefit from the work of professional media producers and designers who shoot, edit, and design content for online and on-screen distribution. We have extensive knowledge of professional media tools including Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro Studio, and 3D architectural modeling programs. Additionally, we have taught these tools to groups and individuals who are creating their own content.

We have produced content as working professionals in Egypt, Vietnam, and Mexico (multiple times). We are now interested in hearing from members of educational, non-profit, and or arts (visual and performing) organizations in Argentina that would consider a collaboration with 2 Americans visiting from the U.S. Southwest. Our speciality is producing small but profound films and digital media content.

We have varied and complimentary interests in community development, sustainable design, art, public service announcements, performance and acting, urban agriculture, environmental issues, and all things related to the horse. Ideally we would like to engage an organization that could benefit from our work and the exposure it might bring.

Contact: [email protected]