digital/photo printers recommendations?


Feb 20, 2010
Hey all -- I am doing a photo show soon and need to have some large prints made. Does anyone know of a good place? One photog recommended BA-Color in San Telmo but that's a bit far from me. I will be doing matte printing. It doesn't have to be a photo lab per se---a printing place with a competent staff and a good selection of papers might even be better.

There is a place on Uriburu between Tucuman and Viamonte. They have a variety of printers, and papers. The guy does my business cards, but he also does large color photos. It is just one block from the Facultad de Medicina stop on the D line, and 4 from the Pasteur stop on the B line, so it may be worth stopping in for a look around. I will swing by later today and come back with the exact address. Good luck.
I am so sorry, I got the address, and totally forgot to come back here and tell you! The address is J. E. Uriburu 637 They are called Grafica Cero. 4954 2280
Thanks I was looking for a place myself to do some prints when I return.:D