Disappearing Splenda


I had been buying a brand of Argentine Sucralose (Splenda) in a yellow box called Sucaryl. It's been disappearing from the shelves and been replaced with a blue box that doesn't contain sucralose. Anyone else notice this? Anyone know where I can find the yellow box of this stuff?


Splenda is from the states...and imported here....I am pretty sure....as we brought a lot when we moved and when we found Splenda here it was insanely expensive!!!

Jumbo's used to carry it more than the other box stores. I have switched to Stevia, in the green box and like it better and frankly is better for you....did take a while to get used to the different type of sweet taste.


Call me a marketer's dream, but Stevia is totally gross and sounds like the name of a middle-aged she-male. Splenda is delicious and sounds like the name of an angel.


Mano Negra

While, as a full fat, whiskey drinking, 40 cigarettes a day kind of guy, I hate to admit knowing the answer to this conundrum, you can get it in the Farmacity on Florida - Still this does give me a chance to send the link to my new blog! www.bluebookba.com/blog