Dishes & Argentinian Tradition?

Okay, I think once again I am being fed a load of BS by my rental agent, but this this time I thought I'd double check because I am the personality type that continuously belives in good will of man and honesty. I came to know the truth and or confirm a custom? We just moved into our new furnished rental and noticed there wasn't a dish rack. The rental unit is somewhat new and they are adding a few things to complete it. The place is very modern, sleek and all hardware is silver. In any case, we mentioned we saw a dishrack that goes with the style of the place at a neighborhood store and offered to pick it up, since they are bringing buy a toaster and we mentioned we purchased a few other little things that the place didn't have that we would certainly donate to the place as a nice gesture (pot holders, containers, and juice glasses).

Our rental agent replied that in fact it is an Argentinian tradition to have a double sink in the kitchen, one for washing and the other to leave the dishes in to dry.

Okay, now I don't want to pass judgement here, so is this some Argentinian tradition folks?
No, sorry, but everywhere I go I see people with dishwracks, (been here 12 years and I live just like an Argentine).
Rentals here are terrible and the realestate agents are big time many sectors....if its not on your wont get it after the fact...everything you buy for the apartment....just bring with you or sell it!