DNI services??


Feb 11, 2008
Looking for someone that helps in getting your DNI, doing all the leg work.
If anyone knows of someone good and reliable would you please post a name and phone number or send me a private note.

Thanks so much in advance!!!

**I searched the forums and couldn't locate anything...even though I know that I have seen threads on this subject.:(
could you send me a note as well?

getting fed up of waiting on my other contact to sort things out...
jp said:
could you send me a note as well?

getting fed up of waiting on my other contact to sort things out...

OK, please check your mailbox.
Can any of these people get you to the front of the line? We have a date set for Nov-09!
LivingLargeBA said:
thanks for the link Neil.

Does anyone know how this is affecting temp-visa/dni renewals? Anyone renewed recently? :confused::(

I renewed both last year . They were both being done the same day while you wait. You may already know the details, but I'll post them just in case someone else needs to renew for the first time.

Resident Visa renewal:

Go to the migraciones office on Antardida prior to the expiration date and with enough time to get additional doccuments if required. You will be given a number and directed to the the prorrogas de permanencia sector as you enter the "other side" in the middle of the building (between the information desk and the computer row). Don't forget photocopies of every page of your passport, your DNI, and photocopies of all original and updated docs. I always take all of the originals with me as well, though they never have asked to see the USA or initial Argentine police report or the birth certificate.

The cost was 200 pesos, and you might need a new Argentine police report. I was not asked for one (after being here two years), but a young man from France I met there said he was not granted his renewal a few days earlier and was told to return with a new one in order to complete his file and obtain his renewal.

I believe that if your temporary visa expires, you can lose your DNI and have to start all over. You can renew the visa up to 60 days prior to the expiration date. A police report usually takes two days from the time you pay at any banco nacion and submit the application at the office on Pericles (near Av de Mayo).

DNI renewal:

Go to the registro de las personas on 25 de Mayo. Show them your DNI and new residency paper. You don't need anything else (no photocopies--not even your passport). The renewal fee was 15 pesos. I arrived just as they opened, but there were already 70 people ahead of me. They didn't start processing renewals until almost 9 AM (lots if kissing, coffee, and chit chat first). I suggest going later in the morning after the initial rush is over, though you still might wait one or two hours.

If anyone knows of any recent changes/delays please post about them. The renewal requirements for other types of temporary visas might differ from those for the visa rentista. I only have experience with the latter.
Thanks for the info Steve. We had no issues last year, either. For this year, we were told some things changed and the police report is going to be requirement as well as documenting requirements the rentista visa calls for (monthly USD$ transfers in).

I'm just wondering if the DNI renewals are getting delayed in any way (sending people away?) because of the backlog issues they are now having. We're renewing soon, so I guess we'll know for sure in the coming weeks.
we hope to move in June/July, from USA, is there a 'best' agency or law firm to help with papers? what will they ask us to pay to get the DNI and visas for 2?

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