Apr 3, 2010
I could not find an Argentine government office in the Capital Federal willing to give me an appointment to change the address on my DNI. All the government websites had the wrong information. I called the various telephone numbers on the websites and numbers given to me by different government offices. Whenever I got through, a recording would get on the line, thank me for calling and then hang up.

I just went today, and got the address changed on my DNI.

The Argentine government for the Capital Federal is located at 1325 Avenida Antartida Argentina. It is located behind the immigration office in Building 6. It is a R.E.N.A.P.E.R. office. You go first to window 22 to get an appointment. When you return on the date of your appointment, you go back to window 22 and are given a new number. That number is called by one of the clerks who asks you questions to fill out a government form. It costs 10 pesos. Your DNI is amended right there and your named is called to collect the original. The documentation I used to prove my new address was a Certificado de Domicilio I received from the local police station (which also cost 10 pesos). While the police were supposed to take 3 days, it was delivered the day after.

Surprisingly, everyone was in a good mood and the process worked efficiently.

While processes involving the government change often, this at least worked today.
The process is really simple if you are in the city: you just call the CGP that belongs to your current domicile and get an appointment, then go there with a utilities bill under your name and they do it right there and you leave with your DNI, and that is pretty much it... I don´t know why it was so difficult for you.
Thanks arva22.
I've posted elsewhere on this forum that the processes wrt DNIs seem to be remarkably efficient these days.
Having said that, mine still hasn't arrived!
"It's deh 69 in tha Big Brother hoos...."
@arva22 many thanks for that info. I have heared that there is a RENAPER office at Migraciones but never known exaclty where :D

@nikad it will not work because DNI (Extranjero) will not be renewed or changed from any CGP in Capital. Only from proofed RENAPER offices like Sub-SEDE 4 ;)

The only CGP - after the close of RENAPER at 25 de Mayo last year - is the Sub-SEDE 4 (in Constitucion) who will make all changes for DNI (Extranjero) but the only give out 150 tramites per day. So you will need to be there at 3 a.m. to be sure that you will reach a numbe about 100-150 and can sleep with 200 other Bolivian/Parguayan/etc. people on the street.

I was at there 5 times early in the morning when they open but never had luck. So I haven't renewd my DNI since December. But nobody will take a look to the "Fecha de vencimiento" ;)