Does it really help to take off all clothes when entering home and washing all purchased products?

Probably the best advise I saw in that long article with regard to products was when you've got them home "Let them sit 72 hours" before handling.
As pointed out elsewhere, not the BBC article, the exposed virus degenerates on surfaces in half lives. While there are reports of virus presence lasting for days, this presence measured can be a trace of the original concentration. The virus decline is measured in half lives and the potency of the virus falls in each half life. So the theory goes, if you leave it alone for 72 hours there's a good chance the virus has ceased to exist or lost potent concentration.
We do it. Take off clothes, place in cloth bag, dump straight into washing machine with said cloth bag and jump into pre-turned-on shower. It is probably overkill but there are so many unknowns why take the risk? Every time research uncovers something new about the virus it changes something we thought we understood before. It is not as though we have massive pressures on our time here in lockdown.
I throw out my clothes in the tacho and put on a brand new pair of sweat pants and t shirt. Before the quarantine in Peru I went to the mall and bought 200 pairs of the same outfit from Zara