Does Personal Suck?


I've used Movistar (Telefonica) since I arrived, and I've never had problems. Before deciding on a carrier, I asked a number of local friends what they used, and all of them recommended Movistar. Several reported having problems with other carriers and then switching to Movistar.

I bought my original SIM directly from Movistar, at their corporate service center on Corrientes, rather than a neighborhood or chain store, which may have made a difference.

Swapping SIMs in Europe a year or so ago, I lost my argentine SIM. When I returned to Argentina, I went to the Movistar customer center on Juan B Justo, and they replaced it in 10 minutes for a few dollars. The agent promised restoration of service within 24 hours, but I received an SMS confirming functionality as I was walked back home. No problems since.


Another thumbs up for movistar. I'm on pre-pay and the "double your credit" promos they run every week or so make it pretty affordable. Never had any problems with making or receiving calls or SMS.


@steve....I'm living without making text messages...Looks like I'll be moving to Movistar soon though....


My full list of complaints is far to long to list here but they absolutly do suck.
Try Ringing *111 and demanding they reconnect you. When this fails (as it will) phone back every ten minutes for a full on rant in spanglish. It will make you feel much better.
Some of the problems i have had with these clowns are as follows
1)Had used all of my free minutes and had underpaid my bill(without my knowledge) by $1.20pesos, on another ocasion had underpaid by 0.84 cents and lost my line for days on end without explanation.
2)Phone cut off before the bill had even arrived.
3)Inexplicable rule that would not allow me to receive calls from locatorios or Cels after a certain stage of the Month.This one is still beyond my understanding.
Sorry i can't suggest a good company or i would be using them.


steveinba said:
when I send texts, they are not being received.
Are you sending texts to local numbers or phones abroad?

I've had a number of problems exchanging text messages with friends abroad. If it involves someone with whom I want to communicate frequently, I call and yell. Or have the friend do it in their home country where they don't have any language or culture issues to overcome.

A couple years ago when I was up in the US, I couldn't get messages from my TMobil phone to friends here on Movistar, although I could receive messages from Movistar. It was the reverse with Personal. I finally called TMobil and gave them a number for a Movistar client and a Personal client and asked them to fix it. After a few calls over a couple of days, they did.

An agent for TMobil told me the interchange had never worked, and the problem had never been reported. They fixed it, I was told, "by getting the engineers to talk to each other."