Doing Business in BsAs?


Oct 14, 2008
Hello everyone. I envy all of you now living in BsAs. I hope to move there soon myself for an extended time, but...

Please point me in the right direction with my questions - I am considering starting a business in Buenos Aires, and don't have much of an idea how to get the ball rolling from North Carolina. I've tried the Am Chamber of Commerce, and am waiting.

If any of you know any reliable business men or women there, please let me know. And if you started a business, please let me discuss this with you.

By the way - I'll need English speakers, but didn't make that earlier post about a "small international business.

Thanks all!!

caepio said:
If any of you know any reliable business men or women there

Haha funny guy.
send me a pm if you want the real scoop.
I would be interested to know how you propose to get any capitol into Argentina, with which to start a business.:confused:
Fishface said:
awww no fair! c'mon DA spill the beans here!!...

I did not want to post some of my personal experience since it could seem a little negative. When I first arrived here I got screwed left and right (nothing major just constant attempts) but after some time I found some very honest and reliable business partners. What I am trying to say is it takes a long time to find and to build up a relationship with Argentines that does not see you as a walking dollar sign with unlimited withdrawals.
All I can say is that this would probably be much more difficult to accomplish than you can imagine. You haven't provided any specifics on what you plan on doing. If you could provide some more details then you might get more responses.
Word of advice ( and I am local ) do not trust anybody you haven´t met at least several times and with good business and or personal references. It is doable, but be very careful. I think you won´t be able to do much from NC, you can try to contact expats running businesses here ( restaurants, cookies, etc) I don´t know what type of biz you are willing to start (?)
Are you talking about a small business? One person? Or many people?

I will say that I'm just entering talks to establish an SA here which is a division of a US company. We have engaged Ernst & Young to guide us through the process and while it seems complicated, it is doable. However, you definitely need local guidance to navigate the system.
Thanks to all of you. The replies have given me a clear idea of the tone of business operations in Argentina. I'm rather used to it since I have done business in a couple really corrupt places (not that Argentina is), so I just might be able to avoid at least some basic pitfalls.

Simplistically stated, the work for the business can most likely be performed at the employee's home, and at first, at least, there will not be a need for an office or other real estate. It won't require significant capitalization either, so there should not be (at first) a serious issue of bringing in a lot of yankee dollars.

This leaves, I hope, just permitting a small US business in Argentina plus getting permits for "foreigners" to work for the company. Of course, the plan is to hire native English speakers, but also as many English-speaking Argentinians as possible to make things easier!

Any advice appreciated, and in fact, when I come to visit I'd like to meet you all!
I think the simply way to start a business is know a local that you can trust. My husband's company new someone's cousin who helped them start a computer business here. They basically "paired-up" with a local. If you can find other people who have a similar business I would try to contact them.