Drinks in BA


May 5, 2008
I'm Ed, from Australia, 26, and I live in Recoleta. Relatively new here, and was just interested in finding a couple of drinking buddies to hit the town with every now-and-again. So if anyone feels like grabbing a Quilmes one night drop me a line.
[email protected]
I'd be up for that pint of Quilmes if only i could get myself back down there!! Miss the good aul nights out!!
Hope to see you up here in Belo Horizonte soon enough!! You will love it up here!!
Quoting "BsAsIrish": ". . . . Hope to see you up here in Belo Horizonte soon enough!! . . . ."
A permanent move? Should we address you as "BHIrish"?
Interesting op-ed in Wall Street Journal. Some history on the problems here and how they created the current ones. However I can't quite see the connection the writer tries to make with the current U.S. elections.The link is here.
Nice article. It could be useful to open people's eyes to Argentina, especially for those who believe that its political situation is better than that of the US... I didn't like the comparison between Obama and the Kirchner's, though. I think it doesn't do him any justice...
Time will tell whether it does. That the United States have already moved far from limited government and its concommittant principles, though, is obvious, just as it's obvious that Argentina has moved much further away and that both governments continue to grow and to intrude more and more into once-private life.
"RWS" said:
A permanent move? Should we address you as "BHIrish"?
Haha!! Good point! Id say BHIrish would work well enough... Not staying here permanently, living here with my girl for a few months, then possibly moving back to Ireland with her....
Not sure i'll get back to BsAs..... will miss the nights out down there!! Here, has anyone got any info on what the craic was with El Alamo and why it was closed for so long. Is it open agian??