Economic realities post-coronavirus


Weyland, trying to argue reasonably with Ventanilla is a waste of time . He does not have arguments - just a bag of assorted knee-jerk slogans, which he parrots at every opportunity. How can you take him/her seriously?
Good point on the brink. It's like trying to convince that other poster that COVID-19 is more deadly than the common cold or flu. Lost cause.

on the brink

Good piece in Spanish over the need to print money - apparently, there is already a consensus to start the printing presses. The only question is how fast, and how much.

Brace yourselves for an inflation surge.


Pierre Smith

Argentinians are a curious breed. They live through endles crises, they complain, they grumble, and then bounce back with endless optimism. They can see the country going down, and remain hopeful for the future. Beats me how they manage to do that, but they do.

Uruguay is faring much better, and is often set as an example - a stable, orderly society, without the permanent state of chaos usual here. Yet, they are a strangely melancholic people with the second highest suicide rate in Latin America, after Guyana.

This puzzles me. Any ideas?
I think the ultra high cost of everything in Uruguay must play some part it the downcast national mood. They've managed, by Swedish-level taxes and bureaucracy, to induce the Swedish character.