Oct 21, 2009
does anyone really like them? I,m from England and I,d take a good old cornish pastie or meat pie any time,just a thought as they go crazy about them over here in BA..I,ve had 5 years plus of the wife/family etc making them and I can,t say as I like the empanadas...your views please as I guess you,ve all tried them at some point,regards, Howard:rolleyes:sorry I mistyped the title.....and it won,t let me change it!!!
I love empanadas.

Cant say I have had a decent meat pie, although I am sure they exist- here in the USA, they are mostly frozen, microwaved soggy messes of processed "food".

But a good Humita empanada, or a roquefort and ham, or a picante- I can eat em all day.
In my neighborhood, within three blocks or so, I have a half dozen little mom and pop empanada places that make em fresh every day.
When my teenage son is down, he insists on buying the 24 pack with 2 liters of soda pop- and wolfing down all of em if he isnt stopped.

Good ones at Cumana, or El San Juanino.
Empanadas are great, but unfortunately in Buenos Aires the quality is mediocre to bad. The best empanadas in the country are found in the north, particularly in Salta and Tucumán. I lived in the latter for 3 years and it was hard to adjust again to the quality of BA´s empanadas.
Empanadas are usually tasty everywhere, but in my opinion the best ones in the city are: La Morada ( Larrea 1336 ) hand made pasties and beef strips, La Querencia ( Juncal and Junin ), La Paceña ( Echeverria 2570 ) these are Bolivian style very filling you must try the carne picante ones.
I love them! Esp. the ones my fiance makes. (my stomach is growling! HA!) Although I never had a meat pie so I don't know what I am missing. Do they sell meat pies in BsAs?
They vary so much in quality, good ones are great, where as the poorer ones are just greasy and awful.
Had some on the corner of Parque Almagro they were truley horendous.
Nice ones on Gascon y Guardia vieja though.
Tried my hand at cooking them for myself, made some with chilli spices etc., and they went down well :)...

Find they can be a little balnd for my palette from the stores, but generally they are fine - Would kill for a Hollands Meat & Tatter Pie, with a good bag of chips with salt & vinegar... I may be Irish, but being brought up in Lancashire had its high spots!