English Book Exchange this Sunday 6th of Seotember- Palermo


Jun 11, 2006
Jenn had proposed a english book exchange a while ago....

How about organising one this Sunday 6th of September @ 6 pm ???

I offer my place in Palermo, will send the address by Pm to those who confirm.........

Some of whom had said were interested last time were Mini, Soul, Ljensen, Jennpiscopo, Fuyi.......

Let me know if there´d be anyone interested.... :)
We can go for a beer later at a bar in the area.....


two confirmations by Private message so far.... I´ll post in other forums if there´s not enough interest here...

I'm interested, it just that unfortunately won't be able to attend this Sunday! sorry! will keep an eye open for future events
OK maybe next time estudiolondres :)
We´ll see how this one goes....

The event name has changed to:
English Book Exchange (with vino & snacks)
And it has been posted on other forums....
I would like to come as well, Bairesgirl I´ve sent you a PM.
I´ll check with my housemates if any would like to come so their might be 2 or 3 more of us. See you guys there,
Have just sent you the details by PM.
You´re welcome to join us :)
I only got Mountaineering, climbing, & skiing books, doubt if anyone would read it except a VERY small number...
You never know .....:)
Join us anyway... I´send you the details by PM.
Had a great time, very nice people. Also, I got a book I really like! Thanks for hosting!