English church service in Palermo

The jazz service is a bit misleading. It gives the impression that the church is doctrinally liberal but you say that it is evengelical in nature which I assume also means fundamentalist, i.e. sola scriptura
Hey Sergio. Appreciate that you took the time to check it out. Online forums are probably the worst venue for this kind of discussion, but I would just say that fundamentalist is not a label we would espouse, given its generally anti-intellectual, anti-culture overtones.

Suffice it to say that we seek to be faithful to what we understand to be God's message for us (the gospel), while genuinely enjoying and engaging with culture and scholarship. The jazz service is an example of this. I invite you to come check it out to make up your own mind, or if not, I'm always up for a coffee and chat.
To say the Presby or Anglican churches here are not evangelical or nearly fundamentalist would be to vastly misrepresent them all.
including the Lutherans and whatever other similar groups exist. The Elephant in the Room, of course, is the Roman Catholic Church,
which is the real driver behind the non-RC churches. Every protestant-type church I've visited here in nearly 15 years of residence
defines itself, at heart, as existing mainly as an option to the Catholic tradition. The Anglicans are so attentive to this that they eschew
things in their life and worthip that completely deny the Catholic stream of their heritage, i.e., regular celebration of the Eucharist (mass).
'Twas ever thus in Catholic dominated lands, I think, and will probably continue to be so, which is too bad if you happen to be of the Anglican variety of believer who lilkes formal, small-C catholic worship and liturgical music. As a final shot, I guess I would have to say that in every conversation I've had with "non-Roman Catholics" here (which is to say mainly former RCs who switched because of family or divorce, etc.) all that becomes
clear is that leaving the RC church doesn't make one a Protestant any more than being an Argentine Protestant makes one a Christian.
Hi Wryter. I also enjoy the liturgical aspects of worship you mentioned, and am sometimes disappointed by the failure to understand and appreciate the church's rich tradition among evangelical churches here. (My in-laws' Anglican church in the UK has the most "catholic" service I've ever experienced, including RC churches!) I would only argue that neither traditional liturgy nor an appreciate of tradition are incompatible with vibrant Christian convictions. When done right, they can enrich one another wonderfully.