English speaking hospital?


Jan 27, 2008

My name is Sofie and I'm planning to move to BA in august with my boyfriend Bugge. We'll be dropping by in a month (march) to look at different areas to live since we are planning to buy an appartement.

I'm pregnant in my 8th month when I come so I just want to know if anybody can recommend a good hospital where they speak english + is open all the time? Just in case I'm going to have the baby in BA before returning home...

Hope somebody can help me:)

Hi sofie,let me be correct. You will flight in your 8th month ?? If it is so, you have a great problem. So if you don't have the flight permission from your doctor (after 7th month) you can't flight because no airline will transport you without medical support to any longer destination (more than 2 hours) because you can lost your baby and no airline will pay any compensation to you if you will lost it !!!Next is that it can be that you don't get an entry at immigration here in Argentina in fact of that you are in the 8th month. So it can be that you must flight back with the next flight whole on your costs !!!Next : if you will pass the above things - If you will born your baby here in BA you can't get back to your home for a couple of weeks/months and also you need a VISA for your baby for United States or any other country on the world because the baby is born in Argentina so the baby is a legal citizen of Argentina.If the immigration will know that you born your baby here like as "deliberate" to get faster a DNI you never will get it for your hole life !!!
bye schef4711
Hi Sofie - EVERYTHING that schef4711 said is true. Many doctors will not write you prescriptions to fly after 8 months. And if you have your baby here, he/she will not be able to leave without both passports. I am due in March and have been working with the embassies to get my baby's passports and I'm told that it can take between 5 weeks to 3 months after I submit the paperwork. Remember, you are working with two embassies.My advice is that that if you have made definite plans to move here, you might as well stay here the entire time and just rent an apartment until you buy (that is if you can get into Argentina in the beginning).BTW - There are no English speaking hospitals, just some doctors and nurses that speak English in those hospitals, but you can always get a translator. Good luck - NaVette
On a side note, you won´t be able to get a private insurance plan, being it that you will be 8 months pregnant, so if the baby is born here and you want to go to a private hospital you will have to pay for everything and in cash, or go to a public hospital ( chances are that doctors do not speak english there and it is not super comfortable, it is free though )

Thanks for your comments.

I've checked with both my insurance and the airline company and I have no problems there. I come from Denmark so I don't know if the rules are different for me, but I will check with the embassy to find out if there could be any problems with visa or in the case I will have my baby in Argentina in the week that I'll be there. But again, thanks for the warnings and advice.

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Private hospitals fill up early, I had to register my due date at only 3 months & even then I was warned it was overbooked.
I would recommend making the March appt to see a gynaecologist now (even if it's only for a check-up), as for new patients they get booked up several months in advance.
You could phone the Hospital Britanico (0054 11 4309 6400), they are most likely to have an English speaking doctor.
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Hi Sofie-I have a list of English speaking doctors of various specialties, including Obstetricians and gynecologists, that participate in our Expat Connection Medical Insurance plan. Send me an email to [email protected] and I'll be happy to send it along to you-Martin