Esplendor in Palermo HyWd or Soho?


Apr 3, 2009
Has anyone stayed at the boutique hotel Espendor? They have 2 locations, Palermo Hollywood and Soho. Wondering how it is.

Hey EMR-
I stayed at the Soho location for a few days while waiting to move into my apartment a few blocks away in January.
The staff was great: very helpful and willing to go out of their way to make things easy for me (when i didn't know the city or the language well).
The room was very nice, nothing super, but nice. There is a beautiful rooftop terrace that I also enjoyed. I did not dine in the restaurant during lunch or dinner so I can't comment on that but the complementary breakfast is very good as well and exceeds argentine breakfast standards.
Also I love that part of Guatemala, it's full of trees and relatively quiet.
No complaints- suerte!
Avoid a place called Soho All Suites on Honduras Street. We stayed there about a year ago and the apartments were really disappointing and noisy.
Thanks Kate. I usually stay at a high end hotel but for 3 weeks, they gave me a smaller budget. I am not expecting the 4 seasons but a nice clean room. Not really concerned about service per se other than the cleaning service. SO if the rooms are nice and clean and they do a good job of housekeeping, I will be good. Thanks
It really depends on what part of the neighborhood you want to stay in.
Eslendor in HyWd is next to construction so it may be a bit loud. It's new, so the rooms should be nice and it's close to a lot of good restaurants.
If you really want to stay in HyWd then I would also look at Krista Boutique Hotel. Great little hotel w/ good prices.