Expat rollerhockey team


Oct 29, 2009
Hey, I am interested in trying to form a roller hockey team just for expats/foreigners to play in tournaments at Peru beach

Some requirements

- You must be foreigner
- Male and females are both allowed
- You must have roller(ice) hockey experience
- You must have your equipment here
- You must be living in BA atleast near fulltime
- You must be a adult or a near adult (16 plus)

I think the fun part is with this that you can play with expats and not joining you a full Argentine team. I heard there are expat baseball, soccer and American football teams so it should be possible to do it. Eventhough it´s probally tough to get a expat goalie

I think there are 2 realistic posibilibities

1) Join a Peru beach league, maybe starting with the summer league
2) Open a facebook group and starting to get together in places like Rosedal, the place in Belgrano, Cabalito or Peru beach and start to play pick up hockey there

I think both options recuire commitment

P.S. Try to find as much candidates as you can, to start things off you need atleast 10-15 players

From Holland, 8 years of hockey experience, some roller hockey, played mainly as a winger but I can also play defense with some practice. I have my stuff here. It´s tough to say but I am probally intermediate with some training
I know you made it perfectly clear in the list of requirements: you MUST be a foreigneer. But, let me ask this directly: no locals allowed then?
Ok, let me explain, I am asking this because if you can't get the number of players you are expecting you can contact the guys that play hockey every Saturday near the rosedal. Maybe they will be interested on playing against a small team as they are not too many. Good luck!!
veggie_pab said:
I know you made it perfectly clear in the list of requirements: you MUST be a foreigneer. But, let me ask this directly: no locals allowed then?

I think that should be the idea, it´s not like a law or anything but it seems like it is more accesible then joining an Argentine team. I would think that an Argentine who has lived in Europe/US/Canada can also join the team.

I think that for Argentines there are plenty of options to join a team, this is harder for a foreigner

Either way if you are interested, write a reply down here and send me an PM with your Facebook details
As an argentine that has been an expat for more than half his life... a few things to say.. some my point of view, some reality since I play at Peru Beach (I took this season off).

It is extremely easy for foreigners to join teams, if you know how to play, you are presented to teams right away. There are plenty of expats playing already. On my team, we had 3 (out of 12). If you never played or aren't good enough to play on a team, there are classes year round. You get constantly evaluated and eventually join a team. Normally, every 12 or 18 months, a new team is created with the people from the hockey school.

What's the fun of being abroad if you just stay with other people who are foreigners. You just create a "ghetto", where the reality you live in has nothing to do with the reality of the country you are living in, missing on the most interesting thing about every country, living the culture, knowing people and sharing with them, etc. If you stay with expats, it ends up being the same whether you are in Argentina, China or Namibia.

Maximum number of players allowed on a team roster is 12 plus goalies. And goalies are the only player other teams may let you borrow.

I play goalie, so if this project actually does become a reality, and locals are allowed, count me in.

If you need any information or want to talk about this project, don't hesitate to contact me.
When I showed up, I was send to a skating practice with beginners, I have played about 8 years and been through that and I personally have 0 interest in that. I just want to show up and play not practicing like you have to win the World Cup.

I do know a Expat who played about 3 years at Peru Beach and he feels like me.

I have been in Argentina and I really blend in well with the locals but once every time I like to play some soccer with mainly expats, you just have a different click with them and you can share opinions on your life as an expat in Argentina.

If I can talk about my experience in playing soccer the style expats play(more teamplay) vs begin Messi playing with an Argentine jersey, yelling at the ref, showbooting, yelling at teammates, rough play, diving and the like. I am sure we(the expat team) will blow away most Argentine teams if though there indivdual skills might be less.

From what I saw in Peru Beach if you can get some expats together to play hockey you would get a similar experience, but that are just my thoughts. The way they play hockey in Canada, US or Europe is just different then they do roller hockey in Argentina

I think it would be fun to try how a expat team would match up against a estabilished Argentine team

I think that if you can relate to how Americans, Canadians and Europeans think you are probally a good addition for the team. It´s not like a law or something

The reason to start a expat Football, Soccer, Cricket or Baseball teams are probally all similar to the reason to start a hockey team

Maybe you can ask a round at Peru Beach if there is some interest?

I would play - I practice with a team at Peru Beach right now - they are just being nice to me letting me practice with them - but I can't play in games as their roster is full.

I'd be interested in playing informally outside as well.

Let me know.

[email protected]
I just want to play some roller hockey. When I went back to the states in June I had my hockey skates, I played growing up and through high school, turned into roller blades and brought them back down. However, since being back down here for the last couple months I have yet to take them out of my closet. Where can I buy a stick?

I'm interested in the expat team idea but even more so in just arranging some pick-up games or joining any sort of a team. Please, if any one can tell me where I can but a stick and where pick-up games happen, I hadn't heard anything about this Peru Beach business, I would be much appreciative and glad play anytime.


Have you thought about online equipment websites? Has anyone ordered equipment from US/Canada sites and how did it work out?

Some good sites in terms of prices and things: Hockeymonkey.com or Hockeygiant.com

I have used these back here in the States for years and both do a good job and good prices. Pays to shop around the different web sites though as they each have specials on different things at different times.

Planning on moving down (but not until May) and I will be ready to play. Been playing Men's Rec league Ice hockey for about 12 years now...played a little roller before that, so should be interesting transition. I am sure I will miss the ice, but will be happy to have something.

Keep posting updates please, and good luck!!!!