expatriate health insurance


May 28, 2007
hi, i understand that the italian hospital offers perhaps the only health plan for expats over 65. that is an option for this 66 year old u.s. citizen living in bs.as. however, is there anyone who can advise me about expat health insurance which offers worldwide coverage (excluding the u.s. since i am covered by medicare there) so i can be covered while traveling elsewhere in the world? ideally i would like to find a company with an argentine agent in case of need for assistance in filing claims, etc. many thanks for any relevant info. roberto
Isn´t there something like an travel insurrance in the USA for when you travel abroad?
Some local credit cards offer travellers health insurance plans however you will probably not be accepted for a local Mastercard, Visa etc. Some of the better local health plans include some coverage for international travel but I am not sure that the Italian Hospital is one of them. Have you checked American Express in the US? I think their Platinum card has some sort of coverage.
Check into OSDE. For very little we added world-wide coverage. It costs more for someone over age 70, I believe.
Don't know where you are getting your info. I have Swiss Medical(perhaps best plan in Argentina), there's no age limit, rates are higher for older people. I have the most expensive plan they offer, $125 a month. You can add international coverage(i.e. emergency coverage outside of Argentina) for $20 pesos a month or about $7. You can chose your doctors and hospitals as well(i.e. you are not limited to one hospital).