Expats Cocktail Party


Sep 20, 2005
After getting together in several restaurants and not always having the chance to meet everyone or chat ,we thought of a different concept: Expats cocktail Parties.
For those who still want to vote go ahead: propose a place or an idea for the next event.
This one will be fun, it's for the "young and younger" - for those who like to linger on, the place doesn't close until you drop. Great food, music and an enviroment set for every taste. Everyone is welcomed bring friends along, also post this event on other sites . It's time for us to really get together and have a blast!
So you missed out on a lot of Spring day parties? get ready for spring has just begun!!
If you want to check out the place click: www.opcionslow.com.ar/venue.htm
Great idea and I congratulate you for breaking out of the rut of those sterile dinners. At the last dinner I had the misfortune to attend, two old fogey "expats" were already at a separate table before the other expats arrived; they then joined their small table to that of the main group, placed their order, finished their meal, paid their bill separately, and buggered off. Call that a social occasion?
If I may be bold enough to venture an idea or two, I might suggest some game -- something to break the ice -- say Charades or Cluedo; dunno... anything might do. Just an idea. Don't know if it'll work.
Big Bad Wolf: Actually, that is a great idea!!! Thanks. Every idea is always worth a try- that is if it has some common sense.
Thanks for your compliment and your input.
hello, i am new to this board, could you tell me where this event will take place, sounds like fun. are the events usually people of all ages, what`s the scoop?
thanks, lola
You should find the invite on top of the Forum's list. However, here is the invitation just in case you skipped it.
And ,yes it's for all ages . See you there!!
BAExpats Welcome Spring!

The dinners have been fun...Now it’s time for something different: monthly parties. More freedom to meet people, make friends and mingle.

When: Friday, October 6th starting at 8 PM.
If you are planning to attend, please leave a comment.

Where: OPCION, Bar-Lounge-Restaurant with gorgeous patio; Tucuman 325, www.opcionslow.com Lots of tasty, gourmet food and one alcoholic or soft drink included in admission.

Cost: 25 pesos per person : One alcoholic or soft drink plus Lots of tasty, gourmet food included in admission. ( after 10 PM food will be at extra cost)

Come and have a great time, mingle, and meet locals and bring your friends.

See you there.
Just a reminder that the YESBA cocktail party is another good way to meet people. No entrance fee, but you pay one price for unlimited wine (bodega 33) and empanadas. it was 10 pesos last time i went. probably went up. anyway, its a good mingle party.
Also, the Gibraltar pub in san telmo is crowded 7 nights a week. i live a half a block away, so i know. Plenty of expats to meet, and argentines as well. they have happy hour until 10pm. 2 pints for 8 pesos. prices are quickly rising in BA so maybe it will be more soon.
Both these options are cheaper than 25 pesos, for those of you on a budget.
I am sure that the pubs you mentioned are fine however we believe that BAexpats are special and we'd really like to see a good turnout for Friday's party. $25 pesos is about $8 US dollars and includes very good food. Hope to see you there!
I would love to attend the cocktail party. I just arrived here to take Spanish lessons.
I´m looking forword to meeting everyone.
Good day all!
I can't find a place to RSVP for this Friday's event. I would like to attend, so I'm just leaving a comment here.
Guess I'll just show and reference my user name if need be. ;)