Expats or Backpackers?


Aug 10, 2006
How do you differentiate Expats from Backpackers? I can tell you that in my experience I have met several disguised backpackers in the last couple of years, I can tell because they usually try to be cheaper than locals regarding everything! This usually generates a conflict of interest among some porteños who think that they actually want to spend their dollars/euros. Usually they have no clue of what they are doing. They learn spanish pretty fast ( with a little bit of herbal help ) They are adventurers, wanderers, and often filthy...nik
I guess some people have family here, or maybe are tango fans, or want to play soccer, or maybe like the culture ( or lack of! ), others want to study something specific, or are looking for inspiration for writing, painting, making music... who knows?
A percentage (though minute) of these backpackers do come back as expats right?
"Grazie" said:
A percentage (though minute) of these backpackers do come back as expats right?
Nah, I think being a backpacker is just a part of their nature ;) Some people come as tourists and return as expats
ja ja jaWhen I arrived in El Bolson my "artist compound" host looked at me getting off the bus. I was asked where my backpack was...then they opened up the baggage compartment....and saw my BRIGHT HOT PINK maletas. They asked me "Do you know what you are getting yourself into?" I laughed and replied "DO YOU?"The host was the former mayor - Augustine "Porro" Do you think that was his real name?
I think I was the only person in El Bolson that did't smoke pot - not a judgement thing at all - I had some really good stuff in the 70's and it made me wicked (Boston word) paranoid.Oh and the bright magenta luggage gets a lot of comments from San Rafael to La Cumbre. Besides the fact I like the color there are very good reasons to have such PINK luggage........1. I can spot it a kilometer away2. The bags are loaded and therefore too heavy for a woman to steal . (One mucama at an estancia, I believe or it was a customs clerk, made off with my favorite wrinkle-free little black dress and my also favorite french cut Victoria Secret bra)
And 3. No Self -Respecting South American man would ever be causght dead with them. JAJA - 25 years ago while in Greece and Marbella traveling with a 2 SA boys both sons of ambassador's to Britian' I also had a bright pink bag. One motorcycle and one moped - poor Roberto got the moped AND my bright Pink Nylon Gym Bag to carry. Pobrecito - he was SO EMBARRASSED.
I never did like traveling with a backpack. Guess that makes me a tourist turned expat.(I am bound to take some crap for this post.)
"Grazie" said:
A percentage (though minute) of these backpackers do come back as expats right?
Or occasionally their parents!!
I think it should be easy to decide who is a back packer, what is more difficult to decide is; when does a visitor who spends part of the year in Argentina and part in there own country, cease to be a tourist?
Does having a home change the situation or is it the ammount of time spent abroad?
and when exactly does " a home owner abroad " become an expat?
Granada - re: your comment "Why would you want to live in Argentina if you have enough to live somewhere else"all I ever see is you post negative comments about Argentina. I'm genuinely curious why you're here if you hate it so much? Do you not have enough money to live somewhere ele;)As to the difference btwn backpackers & expats - well, backpackers are just traveling through on their way. Expats come to make a life in a new country...
It was a question and you obvious can´t answer it. Instead the personal insult start
You rule!!!!!!!!!!!1