Fair competetive trade in Argentina


Jul 27, 2008
It's strange where in most countries in the world, shops and services will offer you a discount price when buying goods (or services) in bulk, and equally larger chain shops eg supermarkets are able to discount their prices to customers due to buying their stock in bulk, when compared to smaller shops.
Here in Argentina I have noticed there seems to be something very different in this context though - you go to a large dept store or supermarket and it seems that you pay MORE for the luxury of shopping there. Take "Easy" for example, Argentina's equivalent of the European "Ikea" - I have bought much here for doing up my house as it's convenient, but i noticed when i compared to small ferreterias, handy man shops etc, I'm actually paying more in "Easy".
The big supermarket Jumbo seems to do the same, you pay more for the pleasure of shopping in a massive supermarket. Bizarre
yes, I thought that Easy was stack'em sell'em cheap place - but the local fereterria is miles cheaper. Support your local indipendent shops else we will be left with malls and retail outlets.

I never go there anymore - I can't be bothered with the Easy/Jumbo border control - its an effing joke.

did anyone see the news item yesterday about the toxic 'mates' (flasks)? The port authority impounded 10,000 metal flasks from China as they were 'toxic' - any ideas why??
Jumbo is more expensive than Carrefour. Shop local. The toxic mates had high levels of metals, magnesium, copper, and nickel. If you are lucky you can extract the copper and sell it.