Feb 22, 2010
Has anyone seen Febreze, or something equivalent in BA? I'm trying to find a solution for taking the smell of cigarettes out of my jacket.

yes the Poett stuff is basically the same. you'll find it near the washing detergents

I am using the fragancia jazmin that says it is para ropa/tapizados/cortinados.

It is very strong and last for a while so I will recommend to put it on and leave the jacket hanging on a chair for few days :) .:rolleyes:
Yes, perfumante de telas, or fabric refreshners or perfumes, are really popular here. It's what they put all over your clothes when you take them to the lavadero, sometimes in overzealous amounts that make them smell gross. The washing machines here don't do such a great job, and a lot of people handwash clothes, so you can get the stuff easily in any supermarket in the laundry section. They are in spray bottles; just make they say "perfumante de tela" and not something like, "apresto para ropa," which is starch for ironing!

I have Poett, in the fragrance of Frescura de Rocío, or Morning Dew Fresh. I smelled all of them right there in the aisle to pick out my fav, getting a couple dirty looks from store personnel.
katti said:
Of course washing the jacket is an option, I just don't want to be sending my coat off to the cleaner every day. Something to fill in the gaps between cleaning is what I'm after, natch.