Feng Shui?


May 30, 2012
How is everybody doing? I was wondering if anybody has had experience in Buenos Aires with Feng Shui decorating. I live in Gran Buenos Aires and remodeling a home and want some input on how to Feng Shiu my home.
Honesty, everything you want to know about Feng Shui you can find on the internet with a simple how-to Google search. :)
I took a Feng Shui class at the Instituto Confucio at the UBA, and the teacher seemed pretty knowledgeable - he also seems more focused on 'feel' and practicalities rather than cluttering up your home with Chinese trinkets etc (which he discourages 'unless you like them'). He's the head of the Feng Shui institute (or whatever it's called) here and used to be an architect, I believe. His name is Gustavo Ravaschio. I have his contact details somewhere - PM me if you want them.

I'd say the class and his knowledge were a bit of an improvement on my own prior Googling and reading of books, and don't forget that here we are in the Southern Hemisphere and most of what's online is for the Northern Hemisphere ;-)
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