Finally Arrived!!


May 23, 2009
After numerous post I have finally made it here to BA for my extended stay. Which means I have no clue on how long am going stay maybe 2 months, a year, or longer. If anyone is interested in grabbing coffee or just hanging out let me know. I am currently looking for a apartment and a language school if anyone has any suggestions other than what’s posted in the directory. Thanks in advance!

I guess you are from Tx: I lived in Houston for almost 7 years, great town.
Hi there,

My boyfriend, Aaron, and I are new in town as well. Both mid-20s and here to study and work. Let me know if you'd like to meet up for coffee or a drink!

Dallas here. Not to get the whole I-45 rivalry going or anything, but I listened to a 21/22 year old younger porteño brother of a girl I casually know tell me what he thought of America.

Loves Colorado. Maybe wants to visit DC or the Seattle area (because of friends)... and he absolutely despises Houston. It appears that the overwhelming humidity found early in the morning in the month of MARCH was possibly worse than the issues he had with the traffic. Oh, and the Galeria didn't get high marks either, but I think he was a bit bitter after having to travel to the city in the first place to replace his stolen passport. But still, it was funny for me to hear.

Welcome. Take some Spanish classes and actually do the homework.

chau y suerte
I just arrived in town (28 yr old female from NYC - OH originally). I'm interested in meeting people as well. So, if anyone wants to get together in the next few days (including this afternoon/evening for drinks/dinner) I'd love to find something to do.
To all those that are interested Veggie_pad and I am planning a get together in Palermo on Friday evening, at a resturant. We will probably need a count of how many people are interested by Thursday evening.
TX_Traveler said:
We are thousands of miles away from Texas and you just had to make up false story about Houston. I understand that you all in dallas are bitter that you aren't in Houston. Since we are in Argentina am going to give you a pass since you are from Texas but you have to stop making up these stories about my beloved city.

Are you kidding? I LOVE Texas, and Houston is in my heart, but was born and raised in Buenos Aires.;)
That was to Napolean it was a joke about our 2 cities in Texas a rivalry of some sorts.