Finally moved down here......


May 31, 2006
Hello, I´ve been coming to Buenos Aires since I was 3 years old to visit my grandmother (am now 27), and now my lack of work in the lucrative, and annoying D.C. radio field, has provoked me to take the plunge. I´m just arrived (yesterday morning), and am excited to start a new life in the city I love. I have job possibilities coming out of the wazoo due to my now-passed grandfather's connections, but no clue when any of them will come to fruition, so until I can meet people through work, I´m looking for expats and hip cats to associate with. I'm straight, and into lots of things, namely poker, beer/wine, American TV/films/books, and seeing live bands. Anybody who would enjoy catching a beer or two or three and discussing life, love, BA, and any of the aforementioned items should contact me through this site or my email, [email protected]. I am living with said Grammy in Barrio Norte, but I will walk just about anywhere, so the river's the limit. Oh and if anybody can tell me of any discos that play Drum n Bass (jungle) music, please let me know, I need my fix. Hasta Pronto! Diego Montemayor